Garment Care

Clothes care after use

Empty the pockets. Wipe the garment for an hour or more so that the moisture disappears from the garment. Keep wet items in a well-ventilated place before hanging in a wardrobe. Knitted garments such as hood jackets etc, should not be left wet, but aired on flat surfaces. Never store wet clothing in a plastic bag. Treat stains immediately so that they do not become permanent.

If you keep your clothes clean and follow our care instructions, you already have effective protection. Most of the outer materials are already impregnated during manufacture. After several washings, the garment may need to be re-impregnated. The simplest and best way is to spray impregnate.


Follow the instructions in the garment. Do not use plasticizers. Arrak recommends detergents that have a built-in hygiene effect and can also be used for low temperature laundry, hand wash, yet have a hygienic cleaning effect.


Stir with steam iron. Put a towel or cloth between the garment and the iron.


Please impregnate your item on a regular basis. Use spray impregnation and apply when the garment is dry. There are so-called textile-proof agents that are powerful water, dirt and oil repellent and provide full breathability.

Laundry symbols

The laundry symbols can be found on the laundry washcloth. It is important that you follow the washing wire to ensure the quality and durability of your garments. The laundry symbols tell you how to iron the clothes, bleach, dry, dryclean and wash.

In Europe there is a common standard for how the symbols will look and what they mean. However, there are other symbols in circulation which make it more difficult. If you are unsure what a symbol means then we have a complete list of all the laundry symbols in Europe below. Often, you can figure out the meaning of the symbol by looking at it, but it may be stupid to take the risk.