About Arrak Outdoor

ARRAK OUTDOOR AB is a Swedish designer brand since 1999 with its head office and warehouse located in Uddevalla.

Our vision where to make good and customized clothes for dog and outdoor people. We had an idea to make the perfect jacket for dog agility. The result became Arrak's Original Jacket, which remains alive today and has become a real classic. The range has obviously evolved since then and many new favorites have been added.

Our ambition is that you as a customer should be offered the best products, whether you are an active dog owner or just enjoying being outdoor.

With carefully chosen qualities tailored to the majority of activities in different environments, designs and features thought out in the smallest detail, you as a customer will find your favorites.

In our constant ambition to improve our product range, you are more than welcome to leave your feedback to us. We are very responsive and grateful for all comments!
Tel: +46 522-58 70 40
E-mail: info@arrakoutdoor.com
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